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Author and Illustrator Mike Gagnon

Project Magenta -eBook

Project Magenta -eBook

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Project Magenta

Format: ebook
Size: 246 pages, 5.5 X 8.5, approx. 2MB
ISBN: 978-1-988369-53-2
Price: $5.99
Audience: Young Adult

Alecia loves her life. She has her dream job; a mechanic for the Time Force on Project Magenta. She’s married to the love of her life and high school sweetheart Dale Yoshawa. Dale is a Time Officer for the Time Force, a military/government agency joint operation. The Time Well lab is a high-security top-secret operation codenamed Project Magenta. When Dale falls ill and is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Alecia refuses to accept the prognosis, even after it is confirmed by multiple doctors. When Dale finally passes away, Alecia refuses to carry on living without the love of her life, so she breaks into the time lab, fires up the Time Well, and dives in, intent on changing the past and returning her husband to life.

How far would you go to save the person you love? Would you change history itself?
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