Riding Off Into the Sunset and Real Fans Get the Deals

Riding Off Into the Sunset and Real Fans Get the Deals

So, I'm winding down my public persona and much of the front facing web presence that I have left.

I've had a great career and it's time to take more time for myself.

At the same time, I'm selling rare and signed stuff and I also have a collection of premium collectables.

I'm just a guy, art and writing is how I make my living. The value of what I have on hand is always going up. So, previous customers and blog followers will see new special discount codes that I will periodically post, so keep your eyes out.

Why? The industry has gotten sick. It's being run by people who don't respect the history or the talent. They operate by finding talented people and screwing them over as badly and quickly as possible. Too many domestic terror groups have infiltrated some aspects and it's become entirely corrupt, so I'm cashing out as much as possible.

Any sales revenue that I make beyond my living expenses will go towards my moving fund, to help me move to another country somewhere in the southern hemisphere, even if I have to create a new underground railroad.

So keep an eye out for discount codes in the future.

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