Project Magenta - Chapter 3 preview

Project Magenta - Chapter 3 preview

Shortly after Alecia’s return from the kitchen, Dale excused himself and headed to the washroom. He felt a sense of unease wash over him. He could feel his body growing weaker by the day. He turned to Alecia, “I’m just gonna go powder my nose for a minute.” “You okay?” Alecia’s face was a picture of concern. Dale scoffed, “Yeah, I’m okay, I just need a minute.” Alecia’s anger with Gail’s refusal began to dissipate. Her mind was consumed with concern as she watched Dale’s fragile frame struggle to cover a distance that would have taken seconds before this horrible disease had eroded his muscle mass away.

Moments later, as Alecia contemplated checking on Dale, she was interrupted by the unwelcome presence of Kevin Kilroy. He approached her with a lecherous grin, his tone suggestive.

"Alecia," Kevin purred, "you know, you should start thinking about your future. Three years from now, he'll be long gone, a distant memory, and you're going to need someone in your life who you can depend on."

After the briefest moment of shock, Alecia’s brain filled with flame. Her eyes blazed with anger, and her fists clenched at her sides. Somehow, Alecia was shocked, this insult being something that she had previously thought was beyond Kevin Kilroy’s capacity for malice. She had endured enough of his sleazy advances, and tonight was the breaking point.

Without hesitation, Alecia swung her fist, connecting squarely with Kevin's jaw. Taken by surprise. he stumbled backward, tripping over his own feet. The cocky Time Officer was shocked and disoriented, as Alecia unleashed a flurry of punches. As the startled scumbag scrambled to try to get to his feet, Alecia began kicking him mercilessly around the condo, allowing him no footing. “You sonuva bitch!” Alecia hollered, before her left combat boot once again met the officer’s ribs. “You think you can come in here and say something like that?”

The party guests had watched the entire spectacle in frozen, wide-eyed shock. The commotion drew the attention of Bill Jones-Miller, who swiftly intervened. “Whoa, whoa Alecia, stop!” He grabbed Kevin by the collar, helping him to his feet, and pulling him away from Alecia’s reach.

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