My Creative Experiment is Complete and Successful

My Creative Experiment is Complete and Successful

So, a few years back, roughly 2020, I started a creative experiment with my projects and ideas.

This was around the same time that I came forward and blew the whistle on some illegal activity, bad actors and white supremacy in the comics and education industries.

Funny thing, It's been much more difficult to find publishers interested in working with me. A coincidence, I'm sure.

Don't fret for me though, I planned ahead. In that time a number of friends, aquantences and colleagues have acted as proxies for my ideas; developing, producing and publishing a variety of my ideas under their own names.

I'm proud of every creative project that I've created, even those I may not be credited for. 

I'm not rich, wealthy or famous and that's fine. I've achieved every possible creative goal I could want and I don't care if nobody else knows. Right now, I can grab my remote and go to one of the streaming services and see an idea that I came up with burn across the screen. 😉 There are others too.

Right now, there is a comic book on the racks that secretly features my cover art, with an editor who claimed he'd never publish my work, because it was submitted by another artist.

It's funny how editors and producers who rejected and expressed public disdain for my work, love it when it is created with someone else's name getting credit.

While some might get mad, I'm fine with it. There is always a method behind my madness,

Thanks to those that have helped me, a segment of people in the industry that are supporting hate has been identified and a group of reliable, stand up people who agree that this kind of behavior is not acceptable is aware and secretly spreading the word.

I declared "checkmate" a long time ago. It wasn't bluff, bravado or bluster. No need.

I've done my part to fight the good fight and make the world a better place than I found it. I can get hit by a comet or bus or horrible disease tomorrow and have no regrets.

I've completed every goal that I could hope for in life and now I'm going to relax, pursue some new interests and share info and stories that like-minded people can enjoy once-in-a-while, without the pressure and stress of deadlines and personality conflicts.

Thank you for being here, thank you for reading, I love you and hope that wherever you are reading this that you are warm and safe and know that love is around you.


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