Just Look the Goddamn Gorilla in the Eye Already!

Just Look the Goddamn Gorilla in the Eye Already!

Demonicus, Mike Gagnon, 2020, Digital Mixed Media. Copyright Mike Gagnon 2024.


You know that awkward moment when there's a huge, glaring issue right in front of everyone, but no one's talking about it? Well, in our society, we've got a big, metaphorical gorilla lounging around that nobody seems to want to address. It's all about how fame, mysticism, politics, and religion kind of team up to keep us all in a loop, chasing after dreams and spending our hard-earned cash, often without getting much in return.

Let's start with fame. It's like this shiny, super attractive thing that everyone seems to want. The media keeps showing us these glamorous lives of celebrities, making it seem like that's the ultimate goal. But chasing fame? It's like running after a mirage. Most of us end up just buying stuff endorsed by celebrities, trying to live like them, but all we're doing is emptying our wallets.

Then there's mysticism – all that mysterious, supernatural stuff that promises a deeper connection or meaning to life. It's fascinating, sure, but when it gets commercialized, it can also be a bit of a distraction. Instead of solving real, tangible problems, we might end up looking for answers in the stars or in the cards, which, let's be honest, doesn't really fix much.

Politics is a whole other game. It's supposed to be about managing our collective issues, but sometimes it feels more like a power play. Political drama can dominate our attention, making us focus on whatever the big issue of the day is, according to politicians, while the real problems we face get sidelined.

And religion? It's been a cornerstone of societies for ages, offering guidance and a sense of community. But it can also be used to control people, with the promise of spiritual rewards keeping us from questioning the status quo or where our donations are really going.

When you put it all together, fame, mysticism, politics, and religion create this kind of fantasy world. It's like they're parts of a big machine designed to keep us busy, spending money, and not questioning the bigger picture. We're all caught up in chasing after something – be it status, spiritual enlightenment, the "right" political outcome, or heavenly rewards.

The real kicker? While we're all running on this hamster wheel, the few at the top are reaping the benefits. Our pursuit of fame leads us to spend more, mysticism can distract us from real issues, politics manipulates our focus, and religion sometimes asks for more than we can afford to give.

So, what do we do about this giant gorilla? First off, recognizing it's there is a big step. We need to start questioning the media we consume, the beliefs we hold, and where we're putting our time and money. It's about thinking critically and making choices that really benefit us in the long run.

By encouraging each other to think for ourselves and focus on what genuinely improves our lives and communities, we can start to shift away from the fantasy and deal with reality. Fame, mysticism, politics, and religion will always be part of our world, but we can choose how much they influence our lives.

In short, tackling this issue is all about waking up, looking that gorilla in the eye, and deciding we're going to focus on what truly matters. It's about creating a society where we're not constantly distracted and drained by illusions but are working together towards something real and meaningful.

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