Celebrity WORSHIP: The Ongoing Contest of Crazy

Celebrity WORSHIP: The Ongoing Contest of Crazy

Canadian Shield vs. Dracula, Mike Gagnon, 2020, Digital Mixed Media. Copyright M. Gagnon 2024.

Canadian Shield vs. Dracula, Mike Gagnon, 2020, Digital Mixed Media. Copyright M. Gagnon 2024.

Let's acknowledge that celebrities can be a wild bunch. They're famous for being famous, and sometimes, their claim to fame is as sturdy as a sandcastle in a hurricane. They're a bit like mythical creatures, elusive and unpredictable. One minute, they're winning Oscars, and the next, they're shaving their heads in the middle of a meltdown. It's like trying to predict the weather in a place where seasons change every five minutes.

Now, let's talk about the fans. Oh, the fans! They're the ones who treat celebrities like the second coming of a higher power. These folks can spot their favorite star from a mile away, but ask them to find their car keys, and it's like a game of hide and seek with no winners. They'll go to great lengths to emulate their idols, from dressing like them to naming their pets after them. It's like they've joined a cult with a glittery dress code.

But what's even more mind-boggling is the way fans hang onto every word their idols utter. If a celebrity says, "Jump off a cliff," you can bet there will be some devoted follower on a bungee cord, shouting, "I believe in you, oh great one!" Seriously, it's like celebrities have become our life coaches, dictating our fashion choices, dietary preferences, and even our political views.

Let's not forget the crazy antics. Celebrities seem to thrive on doing the most outrageous things. Remember the time Justin Bieber tried to adopt a pet monkey and take it on tour? Or when Dennis Rodman decided to become best buds with Kim Jong-un? It's like they're competing in a game of "Who Can Be the Most Bizarre?" and the winner gets a lifetime supply of paparazzi attention.

But hey, I get it. We all need a little escapism in our lives. And what better way to escape than by living vicariously through the glamorous, often nonsensical lives of our favorite stars? It's like a rollercoaster ride, with ups, downs, and plenty of loop-de-loops. Just remember to keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and maybe consider fastening your seatbelt for good measure.

In the age of social media, we're bombarded with constant updates on celebrities' lives. It's like they've invited us into their homes, but instead of a cozy living room, it's a 20-bedroom mansion with a pet tiger and a closet full of designer clothes. It's no wonder we're all collectively suffering from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when we see them jet-setting to exotic locations and attending swanky parties.

And let's not kid ourselves; we're all guilty of a little celebrity obsession from time to time. Who hasn't binge-watched a reality show or scrolled through a celebrity's Instagram feed, wondering what it would be like to have that kind of life? But here's the thing: we have to remember that celebrities are just humans with an extra helping of fame and fortune. They make mistakes, have bad hair days, and occasionally say things that make us scratch our heads in confusion.

So, while idolizing celebrities might be like worshiping the craziest people in the world, it's also a reminder that even the most glamorous and eccentric among us are just trying to navigate this crazy thing called life. So, let's have a good laugh at their antics, take their advice with a grain of salt, and remember that the most important person to idolize is yourself. After all, you're the star of your own show, and it's worth tuning in for every crazy, unpredictable moment.

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