Amazon Exclusive Launch: "Project Magenta" - A New Realm of Sci-Fi by Mike Gagnon

Amazon Exclusive Launch: "Project Magenta" - A New Realm of Sci-Fi by Mike Gagnon


News Date: May 13th, 2024

Location: St. Catharines, Ontario

Amazon Exclusive Launch: "Project Magenta" - A New Realm of Sci-Fi by Mike Gagnon

In an exciting announcement for sci-fi enthusiasts and readers worldwide, acclaimed author and illustrator Mike Gagnon unveils the Amazon Exclusive Edition of his latest novel, "Project Magenta." Available for pre-order now, this print version is set to ship on May 15th, 2024, and is priced at an accessible $11.99.

"Project Magenta" embarks on a riveting journey through time and space, exploring the complex dynamics of love, loss, and redemption within a futuristic society shaped by time travel. The narrative follows the protagonist, Alecia, and her encounters with the Time Force, delving into themes that resonate with our contemporary struggles and aspirations.

What sets the Amazon Exclusive Edition apart is its inclusion of 20 pages of exclusive, never-before-published author commentary and images. These additions offer readers unique insights into Gagnon's creative process and the intricate world-building behind "Project Magenta."

This edition is a testament to Gagnon's commitment to sharing his vision in the most immersive way possible. By making "Project Magenta" a Creative Commons story, he opens the door for fans and fellow creators to explore and expand upon this universe, fostering a vibrant community of collaborative storytelling.

The Amazon Exclusive Edition of "Project Magenta" is not just a book; it's an invitation to experience the depth and breadth of Gagnon's imaginative prowess. Don't miss the opportunity to own this unique edition. Pre-order your copy today on Amazon and embark on a journey that transcends the boundaries of time and space.

For more information, visit Amazon's product page for "Project Magenta".

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