What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

What Doesn't Kill Me Makes Me Stronger

Crazy, Mike Gagnon, 2020, Digital Mixed media. Copyright M. Gagnon 2024.

Crazy, Mike Gagnon, 2020, Digital Mixed media. Copyright M. Gagnon 2024.


You know how sometimes life feels like a never-ending episode of a drama series, where you're the main character, and every season introduces a new antagonist? Yeah, I've been there too. But here's a plot twist: every single one of those villains, those so-called "enemies" in our stories, they're not just obstacles. In a way, they're like those overly intense personal trainers at the gym who, despite making you question your life choices mid-workout, actually help you get stronger.

Think about it. When someone challenges us, undermines us, or outright opposes us, it's like life is throwing weights on our emotional and mental barbell. At first, it's heavy, almost unbearable. You're there, struggling under the weight, thinking, "Why me?" But what's really happening? You're getting stronger. You're learning, growing, and adapting.

Our enemies, critics, or whatever you want to call them, they force us to push our limits. They make us question our beliefs and reassess our strategies. It's uncomfortable, sure, but it's also incredibly valuable. It's in these moments of opposition that we find out what we're truly made of. We discover resilience we never knew we had, and we develop a kind of mental toughness that can't be shaken easily.

Moreover, our adversaries often highlight our weaknesses before anyone else does – and definitely before we're willing to admit them to ourselves. It's like having a mirror held up to our most vulnerable spots. And while our first instinct might be to lash out or defend ourselves, there's a silver lining. Once we know where those weak spots are, we can work on them. We can turn vulnerabilities into strengths, thanks to the very people who sought to exploit them.

Let's not forget about motivation. Nothing lights a fire under you quite like someone doubting your abilities or actively working against you. It's the classic "I'll show them" mentality. And boy, does it work. The desire to prove our enemies wrong can be a powerful catalyst for action. It drives us to pursue our goals with more determination and passion than we might have mustered on our own.

In this bizarre, adversarial way, our enemies contribute to our success. They're an essential part of the narrative that pushes us towards our personal best. Without them, our victories might feel less sweet, our achievements a bit less satisfying.

Now, I'm not saying we should go out and start collecting enemies like they're limited edition trading cards. But when they inevitably show up, as they do in everyone's life, take a moment before you get caught up in the drama. See them for what they really are: unwitting allies in your journey of personal growth. They're the sandpaper that's roughing you up, sure, but in the process, they're also polishing you into the best version of yourself.

So, the next time you encounter someone who seems to be making life difficult, take a deep breath and remember: they're just adding weights to your barbell. And with each lift, with each challenge, you're getting stronger, more resilient, and more capable of tackling whatever comes next. In a weird, twisted way, we owe our enemies a thank you. Because all they're really doing is making us stronger.

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