Video Games Didn't Make Your Kid a Stab-Happy Idiot.

Video Games Didn't Make Your Kid a Stab-Happy Idiot.

Death, Mike Gagnon, 2021, Digital Mixed Media. Copyright Mike Gagnon 2024. 


Indeed, it seems our collective fascination with the dark and dastardly deeds of media's most beloved baddies might not turn us all into the next generation of caped villains. However, let's not pat ourselves on the back just yet for our resilience against the siren call of the underworld. The subtle, slow-burning influence of these glorified tales of lawlessness might be more insidious than we'd like to admit.

Consider the message it sends when the bad guys not only get the best lines but also, sometimes, a happy ending. It's like saying, "Sure, they murdered and pillaged, but look how charismatic they are!" It's this subtle normalization of the abnormal, the dressing up of immorality in a suit of cool, that could be quietly eroding our collective moral compass. It's not that we all wake up one day with an overwhelming urge to rob a bank because we watched "Ocean's Eleven" one too many times. Rather, it's the gradual desensitization to the gravity of crime, the blurring of lines between right and wrong, that might be the real culprit here.

And before anyone starts chanting "It's just entertainment, lighten up!", let's not forget that art and media do not exist in a vacuum. They reflect, influence, and sometimes even shape societal norms and values. If the only heroes we see are the ones breaking every rule, what does that say about our values?

So, while we're not all donning villainous capes and plotting world domination after every crime drama binge, the relentless romanticization of the anti-hero might just be quietly whispering in our ears that maybe, just maybe, being bad isn't all that bad. And that, my friends, is a slightly more troubling thought to ponder as we queue up the next episode of our favorite morally ambiguous protagonist's adventures. After all, it's all fun and games until someone starts thinking that fedora looks good not just on screen, but as part of their "planning a heist" outfit.

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