Substack’s Censorship Standards Make No Sense.

When you allow Nazis, but ban boobs, you’re priorities are a little fucked up.

So, Substack’s censorship game is leaving many scratching their heads. They’re cool with Nazis but draw the line at nudity — what gives, right?

I get it; nudity might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but come on, it’s as natural as it gets. Art, culture, body positivity — nudity’s got its place. So, Substack’s prudish stance on bare skin feels a bit out of touch with the times. We’re all about accepting ourselves, flaws and all, but Substack seems stuck in a bygone era.
Now, let’s talk Nazis. Seriously? Allowing content that spews hate and discrimination? That’s playing with fire. Racist ideologies mess with our society’s core values. It’s not just about hurting feelings; it can spark violence and deepen the divides we’re trying to bridge. Substack’s greenlight for Nazi vibes raises some serious questions about what they stand for.

I mean, priorities, anyone? Banning nipples while letting hate speech run wild doesn’t quite add up. Finding the sweet spot between free speech and stopping harmful ideas is tricky, no doubt. But Substack needs to get its act together. Balancing the need for expression with keeping things safe and inclusive should be a no-brainer. It’s time for Substack to figure out where they stand on the whole censorship thing and make sure they’re not letting harmful ideas overshadow the good vibes they claim to promote.

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