Dear United States

Dear United States

Bean to War, Mike Gagnon, 2020, Digital Mixed Media. Copyright Mike Gagnon 2024.

Bean to War, Mike Gagnon, 2020, Digital Mixed Media. Copyright Mike Gagnon 2024.


Dear Citizens of the United States,

Greetings from across the borders. As a global observer and a friend to the ideals that America represents, I write this letter with a deep sense of concern, empathy, and hope. Watching from afar, the challenges you face – particularly the issues of political division and gun violence – are not just American issues; they resonate worldwide, impacting the global community.

On Political Division
America has always been seen as a beacon of democracy, a place where diverse opinions can coexist and governance is for and by the people. However, the recent escalation of political division threatens this image. It pains us to see the country, so influential in shaping global democracy, struggling with internal discord.

  1. Encouraging Constructive International Perspectives: As an outsider, I urge you to consider how international cooperation and understanding are built on the principles of respect and dialogue. Embracing these principles within your borders could be a significant step towards bridging divides.
  2. Reflecting on Global Impacts: The decisions made within the United States have far-reaching consequences. Recognizing this interconnectedness could foster a greater sense of responsibility and a more inclusive approach to political discourse.
  3. Learning from Global Experiences: Many countries, including my own, have faced similar challenges. There's much to be learned from global experiences in addressing political polarization and building a more united society.

On Gun Violence
The issue of gun violence in the United States is alarming to the international community. We view it with a sense of urgency and a wish for your safety and well-being.

  1. International Standards and Practices: Other nations have approached the regulation of firearms differently, and while no one solution fits all, learning from these varied approaches could provide valuable insights.
  2. The Ripple Effect of Policy Changes: Actions taken to address gun violence in the United States could set a powerful example internationally, encouraging other nations to consider how they manage gun ownership and violence.
  3. Global Solidarity in Addressing Violence: We stand in solidarity with those in the United States who are working towards a future where violence is not an everyday reality. We share your hope for safer communities.

A Message of Hope and Solidarity
From thousands of miles away, we watch, hope, and stand with you. The United States has been a source of inspiration for many around the world, and we believe in your ability to overcome these challenges.

In closing, I urge you to remember that your actions and decisions resonate beyond your borders, impacting the global community. We hope to see America emerge stronger, more united, and more peaceful.

With respect and solidarity,
Mike Gagnon

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