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I’ve really been struggling with wanting to publicly thank my fellow creative professionals who have helped to produce and bring to life my ideas, especially over the last couple years.

At the same time, I don’t want to out anyone who hasn’t admitted my involvement themselves, for much of the work and ideas are uncredited, as a part of my experiment to see which professionals had a problem with my name being attached to a project.

A public thank you would only serve to try to boost my image to fans though. For now, me just knowing my ideas are being viewed all over the world is enough.

You all know who you are and personal private “thank you” will be forthcoming.

It’s really amazing to see my ideas adapted to screen and film and art and books by so many talented artists and support crews.

love you all and this post though achieving little, does help alleviate that urge to make public announcements.

Thanks for reading,


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